Tips to become Confident on Camera: Mastering the Art of Being On-Screen (Lecture 11)

If you want to become confident on camera, you just need following three tips that I have learned from creating over 1000 videos online and generating millions of views.

In this article, I’ll share my insights on how to overcome camera shyness and boost your confidence in front of the lens.

Tip No. 1

The Camera Isn’t an Audience, It’s an Individual!

When you get in front of the camera, you imagine that there will be thousands, if not even millions of people watching you right now. And that can make anyone nervous. If you’ve ever spoken in front of an audience before, maybe you recognize the nervousness and the anxiety that came with that.

The Camera Isn't an Audience, It's an Individual!

But talking in front of the camera, just like talking to one person, it’s nothing like talking in front of an audience. It’s actually more like talking to one person.

The truth is that even if you’re lucky enough to get millions and millions of views on your videos, all those people are individuals. It’s more like talking to one person a million times.

So the next time that you get in front of the camera, imagine that you’re talking to one person and not a large audience. And imagine that that person is your friend, a friend that has taken time off of their day to listen to you, what you have to say.

Tip No. 2

80% Will Be Mistakes, But Don’t Worry!

So when you get in front of the camera, it’s easy to think that it’s now or never time to perform. But the reality is that all the best videos also have a ton of mistakes in them. They are just being edited out. I mean, what we see on YouTube is edited again and again till it become perfect and after they publish it on YouTube.

80% Will Be Mistakes, But Don’t Worry!

It is how we get better at things just don’t work when it comes to getting more confident on camera. So even after having recorded over 1000 videos, 80% of all the recordings may be filled with mistakes of you just stammering, forgetting words, and doing a lot of retakes.

And that’s absolutely okay. That’s part of the process. So when you are getting in front of the camera, making a lot of mistakes, stutter or dribble or whatever might happen during your recordings. So when you’re getting in front of the camera doing a lot of retakes, it means you are improving.

Tip No. 3

Don’t Critique Yourself

Now, this might be the biggest mistake I see beginners do when they are getting in front of the camera, trying to pump up their confidence. They’ll make the recording, look at the final result, and then look at what they can improve. Not a bad idea at all, to be honest. It’s how we get better at things.

Now, here’s the truth. It doesn’t really work when you are trying to get more confident on camera. 90% of all your camera confidence will come from one single thing and that is “Experience”.

The reason you might feel uncomfortable in front of the camera is that you’re watching your recordings and you’re judging yourself the same way that you imagine people will judge you again. This is perfectly normal. This is the exact same process that we did in the beginning.

Don't Critique Yourself

But what I found out was it doesn’t work to improve my confidence on camera. In order for you to become more confident on camera, you just need to accept the process.

You need to accept that this is a volume game. You just need to get in front of the camera more often, and the confidence will follow.

Don’t worry in the beginning when your videos are not recorded or edited perfectly. Everything will make its way as the time goes on. But sitting worried, making plans only without execution, changing the field again and again will never let you start even.

Final words about this lecture

Becoming confident on camera is a journey that requires practice, patience, and a shift in mindset. Remember that the camera is not an intimidating audience but a single person who is interested in what you have to say.

Embrace mistakes as a natural part of the process and focus on gaining experience rather than critiquing yourself excessively. By following these three tips, you’ll find yourself growing more comfortable and confident in front of camera.

Be confident on camera

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How can I overcome my fear of being on camera?

A1: Start by imagining the camera as a single person and speak to it as you would to a friend. Also, embrace mistakes and see them as part of the learning process.

Q2: Can I improve my camera confidence without practice?

A2: No, confidence on camera comes with experience. The more you practice and record videos, the more comfortable you’ll become.

Q3: Is it normal to feel nervous when starting to make videos?

A3: Yes, it’s entirely normal to feel nervous in the beginning. Remember that even experienced creators make mistakes, and it’s all part of the journey.

Q4: Should I watch my recordings to improve my camera presence?

A4: While it’s important to review your recordings for improvement, avoid excessively critiquing yourself as it can hinder your confidence. Focus on gaining experience instead.

Q5: How long does it take to build camera confidence?

A5: Building camera confidence is a gradual process that varies from person to person. With consistent practice and dedication, you’ll notice improvements over time.

So Champions!

Incorporate these three tips into your video creation process, and watch your confidence soar. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you get in front of the camera, the easier it will become. So start implementing these tips today, and unleash your inner camera superstar!

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